Who are we?

We are Lynn and Jeff, Boston-based food bloggers who love to share our passion for food. Whenever our schedule budget allows, we would travel to different parts of the world to try out local cuisines. In 2016, we have travelled to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Cancun, Taiwan, and New York.

We lost our food Instagram account that garnered over 55,000 followers due to a hacking incident, so we decided to create a blog to record our yummy ventures.

What is our rating based on?

Taste only. We always provide the price of the food we eat and you can decide if you think it’s worth it to pay “X” amount for food of a certain rating. We don’t particularly care much about service unless it’s horrible.

We are aware that taste is extremely subjective and is very dependent on one’s experiences and culture, which is why we don’t post pictures of ourselves due to the risk of being forked by a reader who doesn’t agree with our rating.

To fork: The sinister act of poking someone with a fork.

Feel free to contact us if you’ve any questions or would simply like to recommend a restaurant to us.