[Chowdah Pot Competition]

We attended the Chowdah pot competition on Feb 15, 2017, where 6 restaurants compete to make the best chowder: http://www.assemblyrow.com/play/the-chowdah-pot

Read on to find out who won the competition, and who our personal winner is.

EARLS KITCHEN + BAR – Old bay chowdah – clams, shrimp, andouille sausage, corn, potatoes & old bay spice [We didn’t really like this. There were way too many ingredients that didn’t particularly complement each other. We would have preferred it if they focus on less ingredients.]
OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE – New England clam chowder [This was okay. It was on the salty side, and had a spicy kick from cayenne pepper.]
TONY C’S – Tony’s clam chowder [This was our favourite. It was creamy, and the ingredients were simple. We could taste the subtle flavor of the clams.]
RIVER BAR – Chicken bacon ranch chowder [Winner of the competition. The flavor of the bacon is strong and the chicken is mainly there for texture. The wanton strips on top were delicious. We’re not big fans of bacon, so this is our #2.]
SOUTHERN KIN COOKHOUSE – Scallop corn chowder [We’re both huge scallop fans but hated this soup. The scallops were literally tasteless. The soup had a strong smokey flavour, which we didn’t like. The only thing we liked was the pork rind on top] 
AMERICAN FRESH BREWHOUSE – Jalapeno bacon chowder [Our least favourite chowder on the list.]