Overall taste: 8/10 | 2017 | 8 Kneeland St, Boston, MA 02111

I wasn’t expecting much when I walked into the restaurant as there wasn’t that many customers. Luckily, I was proven wrong. I really love 2 of the 3 dishes I ordered and everything is reasonably priced.

+++ = highly recommend | – – – = do not recommend

Tuna tataki – slices of seared tuna served in house ponzu sauce ($10) [Although it’s good, I don’t find it particularly outstanding]
+++ Ice-man maki – crab meat tempura and asparagus, topped with torched super white tuna & drizzled in chef’s honey wasabi sauce ($11) [I’ve had white tuna many times, but this is the first time I’ve had the torched version. It tasted more fatty than usual and literally melted in my mouth. The honey wasabi complements the roll very well. I will definitely order this again! Note that it is imitation crab meat in the roll, not real crab meat.]
+++ Lunch sushi and sashimi combo – 5 pieces of sushi and 6 pieces of sashimi ($13) [The sashimi is really fresh and I really like their sushi rice; it actually reminds me of the sushi rice I had in Tokyo. The value is great too! Even though it is a “lunch” combo, it is served all day. However, if you pay with credit card, you’ll have to pay an additional $2 for a lunch combo after 4p.m. If you pay with cash, the price will be the same.]