Saltie Girl

Overall taste: 8.75/10 | 2017 | 281 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02116

+++ = highly recommend | – – – = do not recommend

This is our favourite restaurant is Boston so far!

+++ Pineapple – elyx, yuzu, lemongrass, citrus soda (for two, $21) [We thought lemongrass would give it a weird taste, but it’s extremely subtle. We really like it but if you prefer your alcohol strong, this is not for you]
Ahi tuna poke – soy / sesame / ginger / togarashi / coconut rice ($22) [It’s good, but it’s something we can make ourselves at home]
+++ Uni benedict toast – sunny side up quail egg / hollandaise / brioche ($18) [This is really good; everything from the brioche, hollandaise sauce, quail egg to uni. If would have been better if they use Santa Barbara uni (which they sell separately) instead of Maine uni. I wonder if we could request that and pay more for it]
– – – Tuna carpaccio – pickled hon-shimeji mushrooms / house ponzu / fresh herbs ($18) [This is okay, but it’s something you can get in a lot of Japanese restaurants. We also found the ponzu sauce to be overpowering.]
Torched salmon belly – avocado / cucumber / green apple / miso glaze ($16) [We actually couldn’t taste the miso glaze. The sauce they used tasted more like unagi sauce. They burnt the salmon skin and the top layer of avocado intentionally to give it a smokey taste. Jeff really likes it but Lynn is not a fan of the charcoal taste.] 
+++ Hand-chopped dry aged steak tartare – truffle aioli / buttered brioche / quail egg / parmesan ($16) [We mentioned before that we’re big fans of steak tartare and this is the best we’ve had in Boston. This dish is the main reason we gave such a high rating to this restaurant]