Dig Inn

Overall taste: 7/10 | 2017 | 557 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

+++ = highly recommend | – – – = do not recommend

Dig Inn takes pride in buying food from local farms/suppliers, which may explain why their food is pricey. The taste of their food is above average, but we found that they’re very heavy-handed on butter, oil, and cream. Also, it would be so helpful if they had labels indicating what each dish was.

If you’re looking to support local suppliers, or looking for a place that is vegan or vegetarian friendly, this would be a place for you. However, we don’t find Dig Inn to be a healthy restaurant choice.

Iced matcha latte ($4.67) [This was unsweetened and we requested to have it with almond milk. It’s pretty good, especially if you add a little syrup found at the counter]
– – – Organic dark hot chocolate ($4.67) [We both hated their hot chocolate. There were spices mixed into the chocolate. We wished they told us ahead of time or indicate it in the menu.]
Marketbowl. Protein – short ribs. Base – toasted farro w/ butternut squash & celery. Sides – upstate mac & cheese, brussel sprouts w/ maple & sriracha. Sauce – garlic tofu aioli (Total: $15.5) [Lynn really liked the short ribs. The meat was on the fatty side and was pretty greasy (which may be good or bad depending on your preference). The mac & cheese was one of the creamiest we’ve had. The 1st few bites were good, but it got sickening after a while. The brussel sprouts were charred and was pretty dry. As for the sauce, pretty sure they put lemon in it; not a fan of the sourness.]
Marketbowl. Protein – herb grilled steak. Base – classic brown rice. Sides – broccoli w/ meyer lemon, avocado (+$1.5), eggplant. Sauce – pesto (Total price: $13.88) [The steak was chewy and a little dry. The broccoli was too burned for us; it was bitter and sour. The eggplant was good, but extremely oily. Again, their pesto sauce was too sour for us.]