Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant

Overall taste: 9/10 | 2016 | 29 Lor Bachok, Singapore 387791

Turtle in herbal soup (price depends on size: (in SGD) $24, $39, $50, $65). [We got the $39 portion and it’s just right for 2 people. So… what does turtle meat taste like? I would say it’s a hybrid of pork and fish. There’s also a lot of skin/shell (translucent jelly-like substance shown on the ladle), which is similar in texture to pork leg skin but not as fatty]

Yam rice ($1.30) [it’s very fragrant, and I enjoyed eating it by itself. I did not like it together with the turtle soup as the taste of yam rice overwhelms the turtle soup]

Chrysanthemum tea [perfect combination of sweetness and bitterness]

If you do not like herbal soup, I don’t think you’ll enjoy this dish. If you’re a big fan of chicken herbal soup and have never tried this before, I highly recommend it!