Noix De Beurre

Overall taste: 8/10 | 2016 | 3-14-1 Shinjuku | Isetan Shinjuku B1F, Shinjuku 160-8011, Tokyo Prefecture

This bakery is located in the basement level of Isetan Shinjuku. There are so many good food there! Unfortunately, there is no seating area. There are even “no eating” signs everywhere. It’s meant for you to buy it there and bring it home to eat. Luckily, we found out that Isetan has a beautiful rooftop garden with seats.

Strawberry tart (648 yen) [The best strawberries we’ve ever had were the ones in Tokyo. Even random strawberries we bought in convenient stores were extremely sweet. The cream had a milky taste to it with a small touch of sweetness.]
Chocolate mousse cake [We forgot to keep track of the price, but it’s about the price as the strawberry tart. We really liked the chocolate cake as well. It’s definitely on the lighter side compared to American cakes.]