Love Art Sushi

Overall Taste: 6.5 | 2017 | 1 Haviland St, Boston, MA 02115

We were invited for their complimentary tasting event, but we try to stay as objective as we can. They are still having a soft opening now, and their grand opening will be in a few weeks.

We thought that the sushi rice was too bland; it almost tasted like white rice with no added vinegar, salt, or sugar. The raw fish was at room-temperature and that really bothered us as it should be cool (sashimis are usually removed from the fridge just prior to serving).

However, we like the flexibility of being able to choose your own combination of toppings, mix-ins, and sauce. We also liked their Japanese matcha latte and Taro tea, which were creamy and not overly sweet (bottomlesss house drinks for $3.06).

Pictured above: Large bowl ($6.12). Toppings – tuna, salmon, masago, avocado (+$1.65 each). Complimentary mix-ins – scallions, roasted garlic, red onion. Sauce: creamy garlic. (Total price: $12.72)

Large bowl ($6.12). Toppings – salmon, spicy tuna, masago (+$1.65 each). Complimentary mix-ins: scallions, roasted garlic, shiitaki. Sauce: unagi eel sauce. Flame seared at no additional charge. (Total price: $11.07) [They definitely did not sear it for long enough. The sauce on top was warm but the fish was still completely raw]


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