East Ocean City

Overall taste: 6/10 | 2017 | 27 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111

+++ = highly recommend | – – – = do not recommend

We went there in February 2017 and when we checked today, Google indicates that it’s permanently closed. We weren’t able to verify if it’s true.

In general, their dishes were very oily and the ingredients weren’t that fresh.

Pictured above: Clams – Sweet & spicy thai sauce ($15.95)

Fish maw soup ($13.95) [We liked the overall taste but their fish maw was on the fishy side.]
– – – XO sauce duck tongue – flowering chives ($22.95)

Steamed live fish ($30) [We really like steamed fish but this was overcooked.]
Steamed surf clam – garlic and vermicelli ($22 for 4 pieces) [It tasted good but the clams were not fresh and tasted a little fishy. It was also on the oily side.]
– – – Fried garlic spareibs ($13.95) [We think they did not fry it long enough. This was not crispy and was dripping with oil.]

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