Urban Cupcake Co.

Overall taste: 8/10 | 2017 | online order only

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We received 2 complimentary boxes of cupcakes, but we remain objective in our review. Urban Cupcake Co. currently delivers within 10-mile radius of Boston.

We love that these mini cupcakes look soooooo adorable. We also love their golden wrapper as well as their their classy and beautiful presentation.

We are not huge fans of cupcakes in general because the frosting is usually awfully sweet. While these cupcakes are also sweet, they’re definitely a LOT milder then regular ones and we really enjoyed them! They are priced at either $39 or $43 for 24 cupcakes depending on flavour.

We had the opportunity to try the following flavours:


Strawberry shorty [our favourite! see more below]

Get hyped – coffee cupcake infused with fair-trade organic coffee, topped with coffee frosting & an espresso bean

Just chill – dark chocolate cupcake topped with french chocolate chips

Make it rain-bow – vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla frosting & 100% natural sprinkle

Nuttin’ betta – dark chocolate cupcake topped with rich peanut butter frosting and a french chocolate sauce

Main squeeze – lemon cupcake featuring fresh whipped lemon icing & sugar crystals

Bromance – dark chocolate cupcake topped with mocha frosting and fair-trade organic chocolate shavings

You fancy huh? – rich chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate ganache & an artisan pretzel.  You can’t even tell it’s vegan!

Strawberry shorty – vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla frosting, fresh strawberries & sweet pastry chip [We feel that this is sooo good that it deserves it’s own section. By itself, we would rate it a 9/10. The tart strawberries complemented very well with their sweet vanilla cupcake and frosting. The sweet pastry chip is also delicious either by itself or with the cupcake.]

It’s perfect for parties or events since there is a minimum order of 24 cupcakes. We personally purchased a box of strawberry shorty for our anniversary!

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