The Bistro & Wine Bar – Mirbeau Inn & Spa

Overall taste: 8.5/10 | 2016 | 35 Landmark Drive, Plymouth, MA 02360

Mirbeau Inn & Spa is one hour drive away from Boston. It is a great spot for a staycation where you can indulge in their spa services and good food:

They hold several events such as the Cranberry Bog Dinner. It is also an ideal location for a semi-destination wedding!

The accommodation and food were complimentary, but we try to be objective in our review.

Wood-roasted plymouth rock oyster – portuguese chorizo butter / espelette pepper / charred lime ($19) [This was delicious. It was cooked just right and the seasoning complimented the oysters very well.]
Artisanal cheeses from near and far – sea salt crackers / summer peach jam / poppy seed honey ($18) [We really liked the selection of cheeses, which were varied and none of them was overly pungent.]
Plymouth rock oyster on ice – banyuls mignonette / bistro hot sauce / horseradish cocktail ($18) [Very fresh oysters, but definitely on the pricey side.]
We’ve taken additional pictures of the inn to share with you guys. Overall, Mirbeau inn has a very relaxing atmosphere. Most of the guests utilise their spa services (you’d see many people wearing bath robes).

Main entrance 
Pond with live Koi fish – the patio to the left is where we dined

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