Cochon555 Boston

April 9, 2017 | 540 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

We received complimentary tickets to attend this event, but we remain objective in our review.

What is Cochon555? In short, it’s a pork-themed feast with free-flowing cocktail, spirits, and wine. Regular tickets are priced at $125pp and VIP tickets are priced at $200pp. We personally do not recommend the VIP tickets. It’s a lot more expensive and the only difference  is you get to go in one hour early. A lot of the stations were also not ready at that time.

There were a lot less pork than we expected. We felt that it was more of a cocktail heaven. There were a lot of selections and efforts were made to make it fun . There were dry ice, test tubes, pipettes, neon light, & for one of our drinks, they let a burnt wood sit in the cup for a few second to create a smokey flavour. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

As for their food selection, not only were there less pork than we expected, the variety was also lacking. There were simply so much pulled pork. We would prefer if they had more interesting cuts of pork (e.g. tail, feet, ear, pork jowl) and more creative preparation methods. Here’s some of the food selection: (from top left to bottom right) head cheese (one of our favourites), deviled egg, soup with pulled pork, pulled pork on bread, pulled pork taco, pulled pork burger, accompaniments (tomato, artichoke, toast), cured meat (salami, prosciutto), chocolate.

Quality-wise, there’s definitely room for improvement. For example, some of the bread was rock hard. As for the burger, the buns were straight out of the fridge,

Here’s our highlight of the day: (from left to right) foie gras pate, pork skewer and truffle butter (and no, we’re not referring to the urban dictionary definition). The foie gras pate was amazing and it was comparable to the ones served in expensive french restaurants. The pork skewer was moist and meaty and was very similar to Chinese char-siu. We also loved the truffle butter! It was silky smooth and had the perfect amount of truffle and salt.

All in all, it’s a very fun event to attend. However, we think it’s more suitable for alcohol lovers than pork lovers.

The Bistro & Wine Bar – Mirbeau Inn & Spa

Overall taste: 8.5/10 | 2016 | 35 Landmark Drive, Plymouth, MA 02360

Mirbeau Inn & Spa is one hour drive away from Boston. It is a great spot for a staycation where you can indulge in their spa services and good food:

They hold several events such as the Cranberry Bog Dinner. It is also an ideal location for a semi-destination wedding!

The accommodation and food were complimentary, but we try to be objective in our review.

Wood-roasted plymouth rock oyster – portuguese chorizo butter / espelette pepper / charred lime ($19) [This was delicious. It was cooked just right and the seasoning complimented the oysters very well.]
Artisanal cheeses from near and far – sea salt crackers / summer peach jam / poppy seed honey ($18) [We really liked the selection of cheeses, which were varied and none of them was overly pungent.]
Plymouth rock oyster on ice – banyuls mignonette / bistro hot sauce / horseradish cocktail ($18) [Very fresh oysters, but definitely on the pricey side.]
We’ve taken additional pictures of the inn to share with you guys. Overall, Mirbeau inn has a very relaxing atmosphere. Most of the guests utilise their spa services (you’d see many people wearing bath robes).

Main entrance 
Pond with live Koi fish – the patio to the left is where we dined