Alexandra Village Food Centre

2016 | 23 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 150123

We love hawker centres in Singapore. There are simply so many great and cheap selections! We actually visited Alexandra Village Food Centre twice during our short trip here. All prices are in SGD (1 USD ~ 1.4 SGD).

Format is as follows:
Stall Name
<Plate Colour>: Dish name – Dish description (price) [comment] – rating

Clockwise from top left:

Nasi Padang
<black plate>: Sotong – cuttlefish marinated in spices ($3-4) [The cuttlefish has eggs inside it which gives it an extra boost of flavour.] – 8/10
<black plate>: Otak – fish cake grilled in banana leaf ($1/piece) [The Singaporean Otak has spices mixed into the paste so it appears reddish (as opposed to Indonesian Otak, which is white). Lynn loves this.] – 8/10

Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
< 3 red plates>: Set meal for 1 – hainanese chicken rice with soup ($3) [Singapore’s national dish! We love this! The hainanese rice is very fragrant and the chicken is moist and flavourful. We found this to be better than the famous Tian Tian Chicken rice] – 8.75/10

House of Desserts
<white bowl>: Durian chendol – pandan leaves, coconut milk and durian dessert ($2.90) [This is our favourite dessert here. The combination of chendol, coconut milk and durian is just perfect!] – 8.5/10
<white bowl>: Pear fungal – dessert with snow fungus and pear ($1.80) [This is very mild tasting and we couldn’t really taste much of the pear or the snow fungus] – 6/10

Teochew Braised Duck Rice
<2 white plates>: Duck meat with rice ($3) [Average. The meat is on the dry side.] – 6/10

Yong Kee Famous Fish ball noodle
<2 blue bowls>: Mushroom minced meat mee pok – dry chinese style flat noodles with soup on the side ($3/4) [Average. The pork flavour seems to be lacking and the meat is dry.] – 6/10


Clockwise from top left:

Jin Pai zi Char
<on banana leaf>: Sambal kang kong – stir fried spicy water spinach ($6/8/10) [This is amazing; the sambal tastes homemade and well balanced. The kang-kong is cooked just right and we like that they provided more of the leafy part.] – 8.5/10

Star Yong Kwang BBQ Seafood
<hotplate>: Sambal stringray – spicy banana leaf stingray ($16/20) [Another one of Singapore’s must-try dishes. This dish is the main reason we came to this hawker centre. The stingray meat falls off the bone, they also put in a generous amount of sambal sauce] – 8.75/10
<bottom left white plate>: Cereal prawn – fried prawns with butter and cereal (wheat germ) ($26/38) [One of Lynn’s favourite dishes! We love how buttery and crispy it is] – 8.5/10

Hainanese Chicken Rice
<2 yellow plates>: Steamed chicken rice – hainanese chicken rice with soup ($2.50/3.50) [Average.] – 6.5/10

House of Desserts
<blue bowl>: Grass jelly attap seed – dessert made with Platostoma palustre plant and mangrove palm seed ($1.70) [Average, they used canned attap seed instead of fresh ones] –  6/10

Soon Lai BBQ Fish
<red hotplate>: Black pepper crayfish – stir fried crayfish with black pepper($24/36/48) [The texture and taste is very much like a giant-sized prawn. They used a lot of black pepper (which we love!)] – 8/10

Old Punggol satay
<white plate with brown wax paper>: satay – 3 different types of skewers (chicken, lamb and pork) ($0.60 per stick) [We don’t really like this. They are all chewy and overcooked] – 4/10


Overall taste: 6.5/10 | 2017 | 443 W Broadway, South Boston, MA 02127

+++ = highly recommend | – – – = do not recommend

We had a blast last night at Capo with Dining Playbook hosts, Billy and Jenny. Dining Playbook airs on NESN every Saturday at 9a.m. (replays every Sunday at 9p.m.). Follow their food adventures on TV!

We were invited for a complementary meal, but we try to stay objective in our review. For the dishes we could find in their online menu, we’ve included the price below.

Pictured above: Salami & formaggi – chef’s selection of artisanal cured meats and cheeses ($16/$28)

+++ Short rib arancini – pulled short rib, fontini, herb aioli ($8) [We couldn’t really taste the short rib and didn’t know it was in the ingredient until we read the description. Nonetheless, they were delicious and reminded us of potato croquette.]
+++ Ricotta crespelle – honey comb, pea shoots, white truffle powder [This was our favourite dish. The ricotta was subtle and not overpowering. We would prefer it if they used truffle oil.]

Pappardelle – lamb and mushroom ragu, pecorino cheese ($12/$23)
Cauliflower ravioli – sage, butter & cauliflower crumb ($11/19)
– – – Monkfish picatta – lemon, butter, capers ($21) [We are picky about our fish and do not like it overcooked]
Baked broccoli

– – – Grilled pork chop – white bean & mushroom ragout [The pork was tough and dry and was not particularly flavourful. We didn’t like the beans underneath as well.]
Espresso creme brulee [Lynn likes this but Jeff prefers regular creme brulee]
Polenta cake [Jeff likes this while Lynn finds it average]

Chocolate terrine

Cranberry Bog Dinner – Mirbeau Inn & Spa

Overall taste: 7.5/10 | 2016 | 72 Brook St, Plympton, MA 02367

This is a media event held in Mayflower Cranberries and is hosted by Mirbeau Inn and Spa. See our first post on Mirbeau Inn and Spa: The Bistro & Bar – Mirbeau Inn & Spa

We really loved the view! During sunset, you can see the reflection of the sun on the bog (pictured above). This is also the first time we’ve had outdoor fine dining. If you’re interested, find out more here.

As for the food, they tried to incorporate cranberries in all their dishes. We thought that all the appetisers were amazing, but their main course was average.

Cranberry Bog [We got to go into the bog, which was awesome!]\
Champagne & assortment of cheeses 
Terrine with cranberry sauce 
Lamb chops
Outdoor table setup
Pumpkin cranberry soup
Brussels sprouts. Potatoes
Slow braised short ribs, kale with cranberry cheese
Red and white wine
Cranberry cheesecake
Cranberry s’mores 
Cranberry sorbet push pop with pop rocks


Barcelona Wine Bar

Overall taste: 8/10 | 2016 | 525 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

+++ = highly recommend | – – – = do not recommend

One of our favourite restaurants in Boston! For the last 2 dishes (paella mariscos, squid ink fideos), the menu indicates “To Share. Two or more”. However, you can actually order a one-person portion.

Chicken liver mousse – blackberry compote ($5.50) [I prefer their foie gras torchon but this is only half the price and is really good as well]
+++Foie gras torchon – rhubard preserves ($11.50)

+++Seared scallops – mojo de cilantro ($13.50) [We are very picky about scallops and these were perfectly seared. Lynn loved every single drop of their cilantro sauce while Jeff is an avid hater of cilantro and believes it should disappear off the face of the Earth] 
– – – Eva’s duck egg – gem lettuce, trout roe, crispy serrano ($8.50) [we ordered this because we never had duck eggs, but it tasted just like chicken egg. definitely not worth your $8.50.]
Grilled hanger steak – truffle vinaigrette ($11.50) [we’ve ordered this 3 times and they don’t cook it very consistently; it ranges from medium rare to medium well. make sure to inform your server how you prefer your meat]
– – – Grilled broccolini – truffle honey, chili flakes ($7.50) [the vegetable/honey combo is weird and unappetizing to us; not a fan]

Cod a la plancha – salsa verde ($9.50)
Steak tartare – fingerling chips, quail egg ($8.50)
Grilled lamp chops – eva’s greens, mint chimichurri ($15)
Paella mariscos – shrimps, mussels, clams, squid, saffron rice ($24.50 pp)

+++ Squid ink fideos – calamari, garilic aioli, scallions ($14.50 pp) [this is our favourite dish in the restaurant. exercise caution ordering this if you’re dining with someone you don’t want to show your black teeth to.]
Parrillada – ny strip, chicken, pork loin, caucho ($26.50 pp) [This was alright, a bit on the greasy side. Not something we’ll order again]